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In addition to his work as crossword setter, Tim Moorey continues to conduct twice monthly private and public workshops, including WI, Probus clubs, Pensioner groups, University of the Third Age, Townswomen Guilds, National Association of Women and Rotary clubs.

Recent comments (July 2104) by participants include

“Many thanks for a wonderful course” Andrew

“I really enjoyed it all” Diana

“What a super course - again! And maybe again!” Pauline

“Tim, thanks so much for “switching the lights on” Neil

“You have inspired me in a different way of looking at words” Sue

“Absolutely super” Sonia

“Thank you for a wonderful week” Margaret

“Thank you for a fascinating course” Jane

See the Workshops page for details of his next public workshops.

Colin Dexter (creator of Inspector Morse) and Tim Moorey presented a special crossword event at Farncombe Estate in Worcestershire in September 2011.



Recent radio interviews include Chris Evans Breakfast Show (BBC Radio 2), BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio 5 Live


Crosswords Demystified

Solve those cryptic clues you thought you’d never crack and learn the tricks of the crossword setter's trade under the expert guidance of Tim Moorey.

Tim is a professional crossword setter with many years' experience of adult teaching. He sets puzzles for a wide range of publications, including The Sunday Times, The Week, MoneyWeek, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times (Listener), and International Living magazine.

He is a Consultant for Chambers Dictionaries and is the Cluru (Agony Uncle) for the Crossword Club.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced solver wanting to improve your skills, you should enjoy one of Tim Moorey's courses.The emphasis is on having fun in a relaxed atmosphere and in the company of like-minded people.

Most of the courses are residential, giving you the chance to spend time with Tim, and enabling him to tailor his teaching to your personal level of skill.

The courses are not competitive. Age is irrelevant.

Tim Moorey



"I got your Times book [see below] about a year ago when I started doing crosswords and have now mostly got on top of (my wife’s) Daily Mail Prize Crossword. I recently subscribed to The Week, which I have finished once and usually only get ¾ without cheats. One day I’ll have a go at The Times, but I’m not ready yet!"
Ian Wibbler


Cover: How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords by Tim Moorey

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Tim Moorey's third book, The Times Guide to How to Crack Cryptic Crosswords, is published by HarperCollins.

Whatever the title may suggest, this is a generic book, explaining how to solve the crossword in any daily or weekly newspaper.

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Personalised Puzzles

"Mum was absolutely thrilled with the crossword and very touched that you had been to so much trouble to compile a crossword just for her. It was a perfect present and a lovely challenge for Boxing Day. She particularly liked finding her name in it!"

Click below for information about specially commissioned puzzles. Email if you would like Tim Moorey to create one for you.

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A satisfied solver writes...

"The Week crossword got me started with cryptics. A few years ago, I was quite happy if I only just managed a few clues. I now manage to complete the Week crossword on a fairly regular basis (be it at times with the e-sleight of hand of solving sites, when I really get stumped). Some of your clues are truly a thing of great beauty. There is something really special about this moment when the penny drops – and you get a rather arcane clue while at the same time having to admit it is also a fair one. The reason I am so happy and, really, unreasonably proud about being hooked on your grids is that I am… French. Solving this grid somehow gives me a sense of belonging, and makes English a more familiar territory. "

How to Master the Times Crossword

Richard Browne, Times Crossword Editor:

One of the most helpful
'how to solve' books available

Peter Biddlecombe's Guide to Crossword Books

The current leader of the pack if you just want a book to help you solve daily paper puzzles.

Tim gives regular solving courses
and has used his experience to produce
a very clear and thorough guide.

Most of the material applies to other puzzles just as much as the one mentioned on the cover.


Brian Head, Editor, Crossword
(the magazine of the Crossword Club:

It does make a very satisfying read
and contains many, many superb
illustrative clues...

There is so much inspiration
and imaginative innovation here
that it does in fact stand head
and shoulders above all the rest...

The perfect Christmas gift
for any experienced
or budding cruciverbalist



Workshops & Talks

See the Workshops page for Tim Moorey's current schedule of courses and talks. 



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How to Master the Times Crossword


How to Master the Times Crossword is published by HarperCollins



Click for details of Tim Moorey's courses and talks


Downloadable Learning Resources

See the Tutorials page for PDFs by Tim Moorey to help you refine your solving skills.


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Volkswagen Crosswords

Tim Moorey provided the crosswords for the Volkswagen advertisements by DDB UK Limited in 2010.  Click the image below for a PDF including all three crosswords. 

Click here for a PDF of the Volkswagen crosswords